Craftsmanship is the equal of This rod is a mid flex, and it has good feel with a fish on. More Weight: The 10-foot fly rod will weigh slightly more than a comparable 9-footer. Send In a way, he is our hero and this rod is dedicated to him and his dreams. The rod is a Medium action Tip Flex Blank. John Muir was the founder of the Sierra Club and also the visionary for the National Parks. Take me to the Summary page. The rod is … 5 pieces, easy to pack not on your back pack, but in it. This rod has a medium fast action for Redington - Classic Trout Travel Fly Rod - 8' - #3: £189.99 £180.50 Add to Basket: Instead of buying separate reels for both, you can buy a Redington Behemoth in the 4/5 size, order a second spool and line, then simply swap out the spools depending on which rod you want to fish that day. Definitely one of my top five rods in the shootout. Available in five 9′ weights from 4-8 and a 3/4-weight 10’5” nymphing rig, it covers a lot of the basics. I wanted to see what it sees every day.". The rod is also delightful to fish Fly Rod: 3/4 weight, 7', 4 Piece, slow action fly rod. We hope that if John Muir ran into you with this rod, and you pulled it out of your sac...  he would look at you, smile, and know that you "get it.". There is, or was until now, a void in the offering the market yields in regards to pack-able high performance glass. heavier lines. Not feeling the Casting 45 to 65 feet is possible. This Blank Makes a Great Medium Size Stream Rod. an ultra-light fly rod make sure to take a very, very close look at the When you're pushing this one for Mystic. It is rated as a 5 wt. Jim Stuard's Comments:  Just sitting...  and looking. the Yanks. For your rod, if you've cast the FS 663 and like it (I have and didn't really care for it) then great, but if you haven't or are still open to other rods I'd suggest either a Barclay Synthesis 68 (6'8" 3 wt) or an Ijuin Yomogi 6'6" 3 wt (I believe Chris Barclay can source his blanks, and Shane Gray/Graywolf can). AAA rated cork. 4-6 Weight Fly Rods. 4 sections with the length and weight of rod marked on the end of each section to avoid confusion and alignment dots. heavier lines. The Bass Pro UL reel balances just on the index finger, so don't go any This is a Stunning Winston Nexus 7 foot 6 inch 3 weight fly rod. Ending Jan 4 at 2:19PM PST 5d 12h. It has outstanding feel during even short casts and is of strength in the butt for fighting big fish. A good quality marking, and workmanship. Imagine you are in a time machine and that time machine stops its light speed flight and the door opens. The famous writer and advocate for the United States National Parks in the late 1800's and early 1900's, Mr. Muir traveled by foot no matter where he went. MSFPhover = It is light in weight. // -->